Eastern (Chinese) zodiac and their Western equivalents


I made a diagram of the Eastern (Chinese) zodiac and the equivalents of the Western zodiac.

  • Rat / Mouse = Sagittarius
  • Ox = Capricorn
  • Tiger = Aquarius
  • Rabbit / Hare = Pisces
  • Dragon = Aries
  • Snake = Taurus
  • Horse = Gemini
  • Goat / Sheep / Ram = Cancer / Crab
  • Monkey = Leo
  • Rooster = Virgo
  • Dog = Libra
  • Pig / Boar = Scorpio

The Western elements are also visible.

  • Red = Fire
  • White = Air
  • Brown = Earth
  • Blue = Water

East Chinese Western Zodiac Equivalents

13 Responses to “Eastern (Chinese) zodiac and their Western equivalents”

  1. Chinese zodiac - solar terms, agricultural calendar astrology « Jong Keun Says:

    […] adds to the Chinese (Eastern) and Western zodiac equivalents. As mentioned before, Chinese and Western astrology correspond with each other. The Chinese solar […]

  2. Nonya Says:

    well..i hate to break it to u but im a pig,fire element,and a leo…..

    ur chart says im a pig,water and,scorpio…

  3. jongkeun Says:

    Nonya, the water refers to scorpio. And the Chinese equivalent of scorpio is pig… So you are pig (scorpio, water), fire and leo.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Born in the year of the horse and the month of a gemini, the fact my element is Air it’s really hard for a horse to stay in one place try having me considerate without trying to be held down at the same time.

  5. John Says:

    Im a sagi and goat so i am a water/fire

  6. Rick Says:

    I have a ? my birthdate is Aug,21 1976 that would make my chinese zodiac a dragon and I was born between July 22 – Aug 23 that would make my american zodiac a leo. I’m a little confused because the chart that this site is giving me says dragon & aries.


  7. jongkeun Says:

    @Rick: The Dragon corresponds with Aries. It means that the Western Aries looks most like the Eastern Dragon.

  8. Jane Says:

    You posted this a long time ago, but I’ve always been curious about the pig-scorpio correlation. Having read up a lot on both, they’re virtually personality polar opposites. The snake personality comes closer to the scorpio personality.

    Any idea how this match-up happened?

  9. jongkeun Says:

    Chinese astrology also has months with signs. Although the dates are slightly different, this is what a comparison would look like. There indeed are people who disagree. They use other signs to correspond with each other.

  10. Denise Says:

    I’m not a Cancer and a Pisces. I’m a Libra and a Ram. I am pretty sure I’m not water either.

  11. Edward Says:

    Jane, according to this wikipedia entry about the Pig zodiac sign:

    “In Japanese culture, the animal is specifically a wild boar. In Japanese, the character 豚 is pig and the character 豬 denotes the wild boar, though Chinese does not make such a differentiation.”

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_(zodiac)

    so there you go, i think modern people are just interpreting it as pig but really in the ancient times, it was supposedly a deadly wild boar! hence, THAT does fit Scorpio.

  12. lem0n Says:

    This is so neat! I love my New Age Astrology by Suzanne White and this correlates well with everything I’d read about astrology. Same elements get along in western and eastern! I’ve always wondered why Goat, Rabbit, and Pig get along, this makes sense! I’m an Aries/Goat and that corresponds with Dragon/cancer. I love the dragons I know. Cancers tend to be really emotional but I like them, (
    (I can be too).

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